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Download books by John Dalmas in PDF format. Note that you must have Adobe Reader to view these files. Also, please note that not all books are available yet. As they get converted to PDF, the available downloads on the page will grow. Those items on the list which are bold but have no link will eventually have downloads on this page. Those that are not bold and have no link are not currently slated to be available here due to ownership rights or other reasons.

Note, as of January 3, 2012... the Free Book Emporium is now offline as John has recontracted the sale of some of his books.

Short fiction Collection
  • Otherwhens, Otherwheres: Favorite Tales by John Dalmas, 2001, 2010
Novels arranged by series

The Millennium series

  • The Second Coming, Baen Books 2004, 2005
  • The Signature of God, not yet published

The Yngling series:

  • The Yngling, Analog 1969; Pyramid 1971, Jove 1977, Tor 1984, 1987; Baen (in a collection, The Orc Wars) 1992
  • Homecoming, Tor 1984; Baen as part of The Orc Wars 1992
  • The Yngling and the Circle of Power, Baen 1992
  • The Yngling in Yamato, Baen 1994

The Regiment series:

  • The Regiment, Baen 1987, 1990, 1992, 1995, also The Regiment Trilogy (TRT), a Baen megabook) 2004
  • The White Regiment, Baen 1990, 1993, also in TRT 2004
  • Kalif's War, Baen 1991
  • The Regiment's War, Baen 1993, also in TRT 2004
  • The Three-Cornered War, Baen 1999

The Fanglith series:

  • Fanglith, Baen 1985, 1986
  • Return to Fanglith, Baen 1987

The Farside series:

  • The Lion of Farside, Baen 1995
  • The Bavarian Gate, Baen 1997
  • The Lion Returns, Baen 1999

The Higuchian series:

  • The Lizard War, Baen 1989
  • The Helverti Invasion, Baen 2004
Solo Novels
  • Armfelt
  • The Varkaus Conspiracy, Tor Books 1983, 1987
  • Touch The Stars: Emergence (with Carl Martin), Tor Books 1983
  • The Scroll of Man, Tor Books 1985
  • The Reality Matrix, Baen Books, 1986
  • The Walkaway Clause, Tor Books 1986
  • The Playmasters (with Rod Martin), Baen Books 1987
  • The General's President, Baen Books 1988
  • The Lantern of God 1988
  • Soldiers, Baen Books, 2001
  • The Puppet Master, Baen Books 2001

Tony Visocchi

Jun 18, 2020

Dear Mr. Dallas,
In had the pleasure of reading the 1st 2 books of the tingling series. I would like info on how to get the next 2 books.Thank Tony Visocchi.

Ellen Weaver

Jun 10, 2013


I have just finished your book, The Regiment, which I acquired on a whim from a huge used bookstore and I would like to express to you the true enjoyment I felt while reading such a unique and compelling novel. My dad is a science fiction lover, and although I have always strayed more towards fantasy I have been instilled with a love for engaging science fiction. It has been awhile since I was so truly motivated by a chance discovery and eager to pursue more by an author who is new to me, if already a true veteran in his genre. I look forward to consuming more of your works, especially those involving the T'swa--a remarkable and well reasoned culture, and passing them along to family and friends who I know will appreciate them.

Best wishes,


Donna P.

Jun 27, 2012

As I told you when I met you at Norwescon years ago, The Varkaus Conspiracy is one of a very few books that is set in a world I wish I lived in.

Is there anywhere I can get it as an e-book?



Eric Hawkins

May 12, 2012

Mr. Dalmas,

I read "The General's President" after I picked it up at a thrift store a few years ago. I still have not forgotten that book. Anytime people begin to comment on our current political situation, I refer them to your novel. I felt that I would contact you to let you know that I still enjoy your novels.

Eric Hawkins
Oxford, Alabama

Michael Bringmann

Mar 5, 2012

Hello, John:
I was wondering whether some of your earlier works like "The Varkhaus Conspiracy" or "Touch The Stars: Emergence" would be released in ebook format. I have been following the republication of your works at BAEN, but backlist is always hard to locate.

Al Chapman

Jan 13, 2012

I enjoyed talking with you today. I hope we can do it again. You said you would let me read one of your novels in PDF. I can't wait.

Al Chapman

P.S. See you soon


Nov 27, 2011

Any chance of getting "The Puppet Master, Baen Books 2001" up as PDF any time soon? Thanks.

And this page has a coding problem:

The form had the following errors:
Website is not a valid url

It so happens that the above IS a valid URL for a page that's been up for several years. I substituted a bit.ly short URL so this would post. . . but the coding error really ought to be fixed.

Jim Dornhecker

Oct 16, 2011

Hi, I have ben a fan for years. Thank You for all the enjoyment. Writ some more...
Thanks Again & Take Care